What is MrFinders.com?

MrFinders is a website builder cum online directory which helps business to gain a place in the virtual world with a Do-It-yourself Website. It also features a search engine with a Directory listing, Click-to-call, Social media marketing, Search engine optimization and many more features.
How does MrFinders benefits me?

As a Business owner

MrFinders is power packed with the most advanced web tools which helps your business grow to new heights and maximize your presence in the web world like never before.

As a User

MrFinders is very user-friendly and the simple UI makes it easy for the users to navigate around the website. The search results found are true and reliable. Minisite helps you to know more the business including pictures and videos. The Click-to-Call feature helps you to connect to the business at free of cost, from anywhere across the world.
Can I use MrFinders without registering?

Of course. You can avail search service of MrFinders, to find your desired business/service while logging in as a non-registered user/ a guest.
What are the steps to post my business?
The first step is to register your business/service in MrFinders. Simply send in your shop details (shop name, address, contact number and e-mail id).

After you register your business, our customer executive from your locality (nearest) will contact you, in order to collect the required details about your business to be listed in MrFinders.

How can I edit my business listing?

If you list your business as a free listing, you may have to forward the link (URL) of your business listed in MrFinders and send to us with your business name, the changes to be made in our feedback form and we will do the necessary changes in no time and get back to you.

How can I increase the visibility of my business/ promote my business?

If you feel you want to reach to even more customers, you can find the package which suits your business best, just by dropping a mail to
contact: +91- 96 05 83 1110.

If you have any queries regarding the website/company, please feel free to send a mail to info@mrfinders.com or +91- 81 29 87 7232/ +91- 96 33 94 9473.