Ambadi Medical Centre welcomes you to Dr. Ambadi Krishna Pillai (MBBS, MD, BAM) and his team of experts. The Practice is situated in Ayoor,Kerala State, India. The Clinic offers full range of medical services with strong focus on patient care and latest technology for superior results in a state of the art facility.  We remain faithful to our emphasis on ethics and preventive care rather than over intervention.

We follow the sciences and provide treatment of Ayurveda and Allopathy.

Ayurveda, an ancient medicinal practice coined in India, is one of the most oldest and an effective form of alternative medicine. Even though it seems to be traditional, many commonly used trees/plants and it's by-products have been found effective against many deadly diseases including Cancer.
Allopathy, holds a close relation with Homeopathy and it is also reffered to as a synonym for mainstream medicine. It is followed commonly in India and other western countries and we, at Ambadi Medical Centre provides holistic approach to each of our treatments.