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Axis Bank was the first of the new private banks to have begun operations in 1994.
The Bank's Registered Office is situated in Ahmedabad and its Central Office is located at Mumbai. The Bank has an extensive network of more than 1947 branches (including 169 Service Branches/CPCs as on 31st March 2013). The Bank has a network of 11245 ATMs (as on 31st March 2013). Axis Bank operates one of the world’s highest ATM sites at Thegu, Sikkim at a height of 4023.4 metres (13,200 ft) above sea level, and has the largest ATM network among private banks in India.

International banking

Axis Bank has a foreign network of four branches (Singapore, Hong Kong, DIFC (Dubai) and Colombo (Sri Lanka) and three representative offices (Shanghai, Dubai and Abu Dhabi) with presence in 6 countries. Axis Bank was granted a banking license in Britain, after receiving approval in April 2013 from Britain's financial regulator to provide a full range of banking services including deposit-taking and making loans and investments. It opened its first UK bank in London on 12 July 2013.