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Since its inception in 2001, Intimate Career has been a trusted source in education consultancy services. We offer a wide range of academic programmes tailored to accelerate your professional merit at any of our partner Colleges and Universities of your preference. Our highly qualified advisors ensure you the best guidance and equip you to choose the right path to success. We welcome you to the guiding shade of Intimate study!


To provide access to proficient yet cost effective guidance on education & career choices to young India and in turn help them to achieve their academic and professional goals. 


We aid students to make informed decisions & chose the most suited alternative to successfully set off on their chosen career path. 

Values in action:

Intimate Career thrives on the core values - Sincerity, Credibility and Transparency. These simple and straight forward virtues define our professionalism founded on sound ethics and integrity. It sums up our commitment to excellence & client success.

We deal with study options in India for Indians as well as International students. We as a company facilitate admission in several prestigious colleges in Kerala Karnataka Tamil Nadu etc. In the near future, we are looking forward to work with colleges across the country and internationally. We work tirelessly with colleges, students and parents in designing/deciding the career path so that everyone can get the best desired career option. We aim to provide a cost effective, reliable and a high quality service to all our customers. Feel free to discuss about your career with our well trained and skilled counsellors.