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Intimate Career is one among the leading educational consultants in India, providing you with the right choices to set you on a rewarding future by obtaining world-class qualifications. Right from the beginning, we upheld three great virtues: sincerity, credibility and transparency. Today we are in the 9th year of our successful career building process.

Our prime motto is to provide the best available professional education and career opportunities to the deserving candidates, irrespective of their class and creed. The fresh enquiries we get prove the wide social acceptance of our motto in public. We have been helping the aspirants in all possible ways to make their dream come true.

We guide you to world class colleges and universities in Kerala, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Pondicherry and Maharashtra. Choose from exciting Under Graduate, Post Graduate, Diploma and Doctoral research in wide ranging disciplines like Medical, Engineering, Information Technology, Business Administration, Hotel Management, International Trade, Computer Science, Bio-sciences, Clinical, Non Clinical, Textile Technology, Fashion Design, Art & Design and many more. All our former candidates proved more than what we mean.