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Apart from toys, here are the wide range of other products we provide:


1. Cradles and Cots

Here you will find a wide range of cradles, both swinging ones& rocking ones. There are wooden as well as cane cradles and cots custom made as per your desire.

New age imported cradles, bassinets, cots and play pens are also available.

2. Prams & Strollers

Baby prams & strollers are a perfect way to take your baby out, with out you having to carry you baby while you are busy. There are various brands that are imported as well as locally sourced, different prams serve unique purposes.

3. Feeding accessories

Starting from birth to next stages of feeding mothers need to identify the right kind of bottle, teats, sippers, food containers suitable for their child.

4. Baby Toiletries

Baby Bathers, Bath tubs, Mini Tubs, Laundry Baskets,Potty, Lavatory etc....are the range of plastics available at our stores.

Surprisingly all of the famous brands come together to cover up this category in toiletries for our shop.