Ayurveda, which is an ancient and a form of alternative medicine, is well known in India for successfully curing prolonged and aging ailments. Kerala is the center hub for Ayurveda. Thousands flow in from around the world, knowing well the tradition of Ayurveda in God's Own Country. The roots of Ayurveda dates back to the ancient times and it is strongly believed that the tradition has passed on to the current generation without any tampering and the results speak for itself. 

Mundamattathil Thankamma is best known for s
uccessfully curing diseases like Kidney stone, Asthma, "Pitham" without any side-effects through traditional ayurvedic treatments. Thousands of patients openly claim she has a midas touch, which has relieved them completely of their ailments.

Even though the treatment is well acknowledged and successful, she has been humble enough in saying that " Almighty cures everyone". She believes treatment should be more of a humble service, a serene life style. The treatments have cured many, some of whom were even written off by the modern Medical Sciences as incurable. Those who come here for treatments range from common man to remarked politicians, actors and personalities from all sections of the society.