For 20 years, NIFE has been continuously facilitating the employment of Indian youth through rewarding courses. NIFE understands the crucial drivers to a great career and a good life. NIFE, in tandem with the student's ambition of a rewarding career,great lifestyles scopes and potential to grow within your job, provides every ambitious youth with a worthwhile education that ensures all the ingredients that build the elusive dream called success.

Safety career came into existence as governmental enforcement and the recently passed Safety acts reinforce its implementation. Factories Act, National building Code, Construction Workers Safety Act, Maharashtra governments Fire Services Act, Proposed HSC Act all are contributing to requirements for safety professionals in India. 

In India alone, the estimated strength of the demand for safety personnel is over 25,000. A career in this field is prestigious and remunerative. NIFE, in collaboration with SMU, a premier university in India, is the first to offer unparalleled certified, and valid opportunities for its students.