Plus Point is a private wealth management firm that has helped families across India disengage from the arduous task of managing their wealth. Our focused targets and understating of our clients’ needs has helped us realize our dream of building an admirable Wealth Management Practice.With over 25 years of experience in LIC India, we provide integrated professional consulting services about financial planning (insurance) and investment portfolio management (mutual funds & share market) through the activity of financial consulting and the analysis of the related laws. This system of asset management allows you to add up to the profits made by the financial incomes those obtained from the tax savings through proper planning.

We believe in the principle of building a relationship with you that rejoices every other relationship in your life, which is why we provide financial opportunities that help you to manage and potentially grow your wealth. We are happy to bring to you Plus Point Wealth Management, a comprehensive package of advisory services tailored for select and exclusive customers. At Plus Point, we endeavor to combine genuine care with financial expertise to give you what is ‘right for you’. No matter what your financial requirements are, our team at Plus Point is dedicated to help you achieve them. So when it comes to managing your wealth, with us as your advisors, you can sit back & relax, knowing that you are in safe hands!

We provide services in Life Insurance, Health Insurance, Vehicle Insurance, and extend assistance facilitating investor’s financial planning to strengthen their investment portfolio and tax saving efforts. We also offer PAN card services. 

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