Sabarigiri School is the first CBSE School in Kollam district. Since its inception in 1978-79, the school has made giant strides. In an era where erosion of ethical values has become a cause for concern perhaps under the impact of technological revolution, even educational systems has taken a severe beating. But Sabarigiri School has always endeavoured to adhere to moral values. The emphasis has been to make students better human beings first and better performers second.

The school imparts modern child centered, activity oriented methodology of education and aims at high standards academics. The method of teaching is based on individual attention and group learning enabling the child to learn through personal experiences. The teaching - learning programmes are prepared to suit the individual needs of each child. 

To talk about the academic performance in the last year, qualitively speaking the school this year further improved upon excellent results it had achieved in the board examinations at All India Certificate Examination Class XII and AISSE ( Class X ) last year. Results were highly encouraging.