Call it your office. Your home. Your playground. Your own personal space. Or call it your dream destination! Technopark Kerala is the ultimate place to be. Enveloped in an awe-inspiring ambience, Technopark offers a one-stop solution to all your business needs related to IT, Communication and Entertainment.

Spread over nearly 300 acres with 4 million sq. ft. of built-up space available currently, Technopark hosts over 290 IT and ITES companies employing over 42,500 IT professionals, including five PCMM level 5 company, 6 CMMI level 5 and four CMM Level 3 and over 20 ISO 9001 certified companies.

Technopark offers a unique confluence of advantages, not found elsewhere in comparable destinations in India - robust and failsafe physical infrastructure, power and data connectivity; highly trained technical manpower; most flexible regulatory framework; highest incentives (up to 180,000 USD); and the best law and order environment in India.All this at effectively one-third the operational cost of other comparable locations in India.

Technopark's vision is to provide a holistic enabling environment to make knowledge industry intrinsically competitive and world class.